WE – SCAR L (MK16 Mod.0) Gun Porn

– ACM Eotech EXPS
– Random PEQ15 Battery Box
– Magpull RVG FDE
– EMERSON Weapon Barcode
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Tokyo Marui – Thompson M1A1

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The TM M1A1 is one of ht ebest TM ever made, I bought this gun over 10 years ago for around 400€ and it’s still working like on the first day. I never had to replace a single part.
You can get it at many other stores for around 380$ like here:

The FPS are around 290 with 0,2 g. BBs wich is just below 0,8 Joule.

It’s a bit difficult to get the Magazine into the gun, but you get used to it very quick.

It’s almost completely made out of metal, only the lower receiver is made out of plastic as well as the “wood” parts, but they still look very realistic.

Restored M1 Helmet with net
M41 Field Jacket
HBT Jacket
HBT Trouser
Service Shoes
Gaiters M1938 (1942)
Belt with Suspenders (1942)
Canteen with Cover (1943)
Fitst Aid kit with pouch (1943)
US 1911 Holster
Haversack M1928
Entrenching Shovel (1943)
Map Bag (1943)

We don’t need Gas or Batteries!

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Got this second hand from somebody, but you can get it at many other stores for around 220$ like here:

The FPS are from 270 to 280 with 0,2 g. BBs.

It’s a bit difficult to get the Magazine out with gloves but once you get used to it, it should be easy.

The Pull is really light since TM always uses only springs wich are not that strong.
With a Gas Cylinder this could get shots at around 70m and had about 450 fps.

3 col. DCU
Belleville 390 A Desert Boots
Spear Fleece Jacket
Polartec Fleece Hat
Nomex Flight Gloves OD
Swiss Eye Raptor / ESS ICE
Suunto Vector Watch

Modified TLBV Vest Mesh version
Black Molle drop leg holster with WE Sig F226 + 1 mag

Only Steel and Wood…

Got this from Sniper Airsoft for 489 Euro, but you can get it at many other stores for around 450$ like here:

The FPS are around 390 with Greengas or 490 with CO2 and 0,2g. BBs still depending on your gas and the temperature.

The recoil feels very nice and is probably one of the hardest I’ve ever had on a GBB rifle.
On CO2 even more but with sometimes over 500fps it has way to much power so I got a FG Airsoft Adjustable Flow Nozzle wich is like an NPAS so I can set the FPS how I want them.

Also it has a Samoon Steel Recoil Kit wich gives it even more recoil.
The Rail I’ve used is a standart AEG one from a random chinese manufacturer, the only problem is the screws and barrel clamp doesn’t fit und the wood handguard.


5.11 Tactical Pants OD
Alta Knee pads
Merrell Chameleon XCR GTX Gunsmoke
Nomex Flight Gloves
Swiss Eye Raptor
Suunto Vector Watch

Chicom Rig
5.11 Tactical Vest Tan

Time for something classic

Got this pistol traded for my Kart M14 EBR, but you can get it at many other for around 100$ like here:

The FPS are around 300 (0,2g.) depending on your gas and the temperature.

The recoil feels a little sluggish and the slide has a lot of play so it wobbles a little.

The gas efficiency is one of the worst I’ve seen it almost strugles to empty one mag and on a colder autunm day it just blasts a big gas cloud against your enemy…

But from what I’ve heard this is caused by a bad sealing magazine.

Nomex Flight Suit in Tan
Alta Knee pads
Merrell Chameleon XCR GTX Gunsmoke
MSA MICH 2000 Tan
Nomex Gloves Tan
Swiss Eye Raptor
Suunto Vector Watch

Duty Belt Black
Safariland Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Blackhawk Double M4 Mag Pouch
Safariland SLS 6004 for 1911

Protective Body Armor Tan
Blackhawk STRIKE Plate Carrier Coyote Tan
Blackhawk Tripple M4 Mag Pouch
Blackhawk Double Pistol Mag Pouch
TT Smoke Grenade Pouch
Blackhawk MBITR Pouch
Blackhawk Hydration Carrier